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24 points per month

This entry-level monthly package is designed for the small business getting started with consulting, strategy-building and priority projects. (Includes 24 points per month)




36 points per month

This package is designed for small-to-midsize businesses primarily seeking to accelerate their top-of-the-funnel support building website traffic, subscribers and reach. (Includes 36 points/month)



for pricing (120+ points)

The Enterprise package is ideal for businesses seeking aggressive inbound marketing campaigns with fully integrated activities across search marketing, social media, content marketing, public relations, analysis, automation and more. (Includes 120+ points per month)

What's included at each level


Points Included 24 36 120
Monthly Cost $3,600 $5,400 Call for Pricing
Account Management      
Standard Dashboard Reports      
Paid Search & Social Media Management*      
Weekly Review Calls      
Online Client Center      
Custom Dashboard Reports - 1 included Up to 5
Social Media Content Monitoring and Engagement - 1 channel Up to 5
Custom Lead Nurturing Workflows - 1 included Up to 5
Marketing Results Review Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly
Sales Activity Review Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly
Lead Scoring** - Manual Scoring Algorithmic
Sales Sequence Configuration** - 1 included Up to 5
Inbound Call Tracking - Up to 8 Numbers Up to 20 Numbers
Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop - Initial Initial + Quarterly Review
Website Messaging**    

* Does not include paid media budgets.
** May require specific HubSpot subscriptions, add-ons, or licenses.


Asked Questions

How is this different than a retainer?

We love the way that retainers enable easy forecasting of marketing costs and scope.

However, the problem with retainers is that they lock you into a fixed scope each month. What happens if your needs change? 

The points-based pricing system gives you the predictable monthly spend of a retainer with the flexibility from month to month to change your deliverables as your business needs.

What's included with each plan?

Our packages include a bundle of points that can be allocated each month to marketing deliverables and services according to a points schedule. 

Depending on your package level, you may also receive value-added services that do not require the use of points. For example, your package may include special tracking phone numbers that show you the source of new incoming calls. 

All packages include weekly status call meetings and a standard set of real-time dashboards for your business. You're not paying for phone calls or internal meetings. You pay for what you actually receive.

How do the points work?

Each month you receive a fixed number of points according to your selected package. You'll work with your client success manager to plan how those points will be allocated each month to services like marketing analytics dashboards or deliverables like blog posts and ebooks.

If you don't have enough points in your package to cover your deliverables, your client success manager will help you prioritize your deliverables across multiple months or allow you to purchase extra points as needed. 

Why don't you charge hourly fees?

Have you ever had an experience with an agency or consultant where you suddenly receive a large bill for hours? Or you get midway through the month and your account manager informs you that you're already out of hours?

While we love the agility that an hourly billing system enables for our clients' month-to-month deliverables, it's impossible to forecast each month. Most agencies or consultants cannot predict exactly how many hours will be used for deliverables.

The points-based pricing model solves both of these issues and preserves the agility to change your deliverables from month to month to meet your business needs. You get a predictable consultancy spend forecast each month, the flexibility to make changes, and reduces the variability of estimated hours.

What happens if I don't have enough points?

We'll work with you each month to plan your deliverables and ensure that your needs are met. During that process, if we do not have enough points for your planned deliverables and services, we'll suggest one of the following options:

  • Shift some deliverables to following months
  • Prioritize your deliverables and eliminate low-value work
  • Offer additional points via pre-purchased packages

In the event that you're using more points than your base package for several months in a row, that may be a sign that it's time to upgrade your package to a higher level.


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